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We create great content for sports media outlets, sports brands & institutions and consumer brands to engage with sports fans.

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We Are

We use in-depth analysis to provide trends and stats – a new approach to statistical indices like Players’ and teams’ rankings, value estimation of players and much more.

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We Are

We reach out to oft-ignored sports fans in smaller markets and geographies, and prepare content for them, besides the focus on larger markets.

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We Are

We present ongoing sports events in an interactive manner using formats like quizzes and multi-media blogs instead of conventional news reports.

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We Are

We use technological innovations to provide diverse sports content on various devices and platforms.

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We Are

We wish to help shape the future of Sports!

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We Are SportsWizz League
Sports is our passion!

We are a league of sports brands, driven by the latest technology, producing engaging content, across digital platforms to engage with sports fans around the world.

We're Unique
Creating With Love

We provide out of the box insight and analysis into events which add value and make it an enjoyable experience for sports fanatics. Be it a video, statistics, quizzes or articles – we strive to find stimulating and distinctive patterns in them.

We're Analytical
Numbers Tell Stories

We bring new ways to determine the value of a player in a particular sport or role in a particular team, through deep analysis of the players’ performances. This will help teams select the right players for the right roles.

We're Predictors
Spotting Emerging Trends

We spot trends among matches, players, coaches, events, venues, etc. and highlight them to fans via technology enabling them to predict better outcomes. We identify opportunities that are likely to advance the game, and pro-actively encourage sports administrators to adapt these trends.

We're Global
Sports for everyone, anywhere, anytime

We take sports gaming and content to different parts of the world through digital platforms. It is possible for fans in Canada appreciate and engage with a local match being played in Papua New Guinea


Our Vision
Shaping the Future

We wish to help shape the future of Sports, and how fans and players engage with sports, especially in digital media.

We will be at the forefront of technological innovations to provide diverse sports content on various devices and platforms, in formats that sports fans love.


We're Dreamers
Enabling the Underdogs

We will promote potential sports champions from under privileged areas and give them opportunities to realize their dreams of competing with the best players in the world.


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Our Creative Collective

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas


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